University Animal Farm, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences


  • To support the education and research on economic animal application field of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences including animal biotechnology, food biotechnology, and bio-modulation major in the livestock technology field, and as the institute which promotes eco-friendly livestock and Food-related Industry-Academia Collaboration Research conducted by the Institutes of Green-bio Science and technology, Educational activities of Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center, high-tech research support and independent education and research support to meet corporate needs, contributing to the development of local communities through transparent management

Research support

  • An automation facility capable of large-scale rearing of large scaled animals centered on cattle and birds centering on poultry in a total area of 350,000 square meters, to carry out educational research functions of universities and supporting industry-academia cooperation R & D project with companies by providing advanced instrument for milk and meat processing pilot to support and play a pivotal role in animal resource field research
  • Education and training of human resources to contribute to the development of livestock production and the growth of health and productivity of economic animals through education and research
  • Educational activities and advanced research support for animal resources in the field
  • Research for the conservation, improvement, breeding of economic animal breeds
  • Research on economic animal nutrition and specifications
  • Research on grassland management and forage production
  • Processing technology of forage
  • Study on hygiene welfare and health of economic animals
  • Development of new paradigm and infrastructure to lead the evolution of the next generation animal resource industry and future creative innovation
  • Support for animal husbandry facilities, environment and devices